Wellness Services Overview



The healing power of touch has been proven to effectively relieve stress, anxiety, pain and even severe medical conditions. Our massage therapists are available to offer you a variety of healing and relaxing massage treatments:

  • Head and Shoulders - de-stress

  • Back and Neck - de-stress

  • Legs and Calves

  • Arms and Hands

Stretching and Body Work

Neck ache, back ache, headache, even stomach ache - you name it, most aches can occur as a result of bad posture or poor alignment.

Once your posture becomes more stable, both your body and your mind will become better at sticking to specific exercise routines. The more often you push through to finish specific exercise sequences, the more confident you’ll feel in your own abilities.

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Art Therapy

The value of Art as a therapeutic method of treatment has been well documented and in Europe, many institutions are focused on using art as a form of treatment. Art fosters self-expression, enhances coping skills, improves management of stress and ultimately strengthens an individual’s sense of self.

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Life Coaching and Personal Development

Let’s face the reality. We are all human and every person has to deal with pain and trauma at some point in their life. It is either unresolved pain from childhood or just life itself. Interference causes us to respond to triggers in unhealthy ways. We then become dysfunctional at home and at work. The pattern continues and frustration mounts. Burnout, depression, anxiety, mood swings, self-harm, addictions, etc ....

Our unique way to assist individuals to become Optimally Functional, is a holistic approach. We have to be physically, mentally and emotionally productive and functional at work and at home. Trauma Counselling and Life Coaching complement each other. Without Trauma Counselling, Life Coaching is limited and Trauma Counselling alone leaves the individual without skills to learn a new approach to his/her life. We integrate these processes to achieve the result we aim for .... Healing of past painful memories and living free from this burden.

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Movement and Dance Therapy

When you have the courage to express yourself through movement you will help foster a loving and protective connection between the Spirit, soul and body.