Welcome to Be You Wellness Coaching

At Be You Wellness Coaching we make use of various tools/services to help the individual or team discover their unique design. We then facilitate the process of strengthening their understanding of this design and finding inspiring methods to begin the process of living by design, intentionally and with purpose;

The Be You Wellness Coaching team has had extensive personal and client experiences and has made available a wide variety of creative, wellness and healing methods to help individuals and teams with the process of courageous expression of their true self. This will result in the individual being able to heal and live life more confidently and boldly simply by being their authentic self.

Be You Wellness Coaching has also joined the ever expanding OCNAM/THRIVE network, and can therefore facilitate access to a growing range of health and wellness services (eg. physiotherapists, occupational health, blood bank, biokinetics, trauma counselling, nutrition and diet advice, and much more)

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We use a process called “Learning Facilitation”whereby the individual is encouraged to take responsibility for their own journey and we simply act as conductors of positive change.

As leaders and facilitators we are often approached by individuals to help guide them during difficult periods of their life;

  • By giving the other person our solution, we lose the opportunity to help and guide them to find their own solution.

    This makes people dependent on us and robs them of the chance to find their own solutions, thereby learning and growing;

    What people want when they ask for advice is someone who will listen, and then help them to think through what they can do and how to go about it and finally to confirm that the actions they are planning to take make sense;