Dancing in the storm

Child: Father, I am drowning in the noise, the pressure, the financial strain, the relationship that is broken and falling apart, my family that is in a state of chaos, my body, broken, bruised and traumatised from a life of abuse, anger, bitterness and destruction - they tell me, have more faith, only believe, God is good, God loves you, Just pray more………Father I believe - at least I think I do, I think I have faith, I try to pray, I struggle to understand your love, I don’t understand the word Trust, the chaos in my world has weakened me to the point of hopelessness, anxiety, depression and giving up - where ARE You, Who are you and why do I FEEL so alone, without help and confused?

Father: I Am here in deed, I never leave you nor forsake you, I love you, you belong to Me and I have a plan and a purpose in the Body that I am healing, renewing and restoring. 

Child: Stop it - stop it with the biblical jargon……You say You have a plan - but my reality is FAR from it. I ask you to help me, I ask you to rescue me, I proclaim Your Word……but nothing…..nothing….only more chaos, more strife, more loss, more sickness……why don’t You DO something?

Father: It has all been done - but I need you to work with Me to heal your life. I do not manipulate, I do not force, I do not threaten - I am gentle, loving, guiding you - not judging you - I sent My Son to save and to heal and to restore but His Spirit is IN you and He is waiting for your willingness to partner with Him so that your entire being can be changed into His image, in love, in PEACE…

Child: You are doing it again - the biblical stuff……please, make it practical - I am busy dying under the weight of my life. I have no peace, I struggle to trust, I have so much to Do - I simply cannot slow down or calm down.

Father: I see you, I know you, I created you - and my desire is to teach you all things so that you can have victory. Here is your practical example:

You have a single router in your house and several devices are connected to this router at the same time.

  1. Device 1 - Laptop 1 - use this laptop to download a large video or approx 200 images

  2. Device 2 - Laptop 2 - use this laptop and let your kids watch some YouTube videos

  3. Device 3 - Cellphone - use the cellphone to download some biblical teachings and videos

Result: Device 2 and 3 will most probably experience very slow downloads or none at all! This will probably leave you frustrated, angry and very anxious! How does your body/flesh feel?

Explanation and symbolism of what happens IN our bodies - 

  1. Device 1: This device seems to be controlling and slowing down the entire network in your home. Trauma experiences imprint several large and multiple images of the trauma into our limbic system (central brain) and downloads these images every single second into our subconscious thoughts keeping us imprisoned in past trauma. During trauma the limbic system sends adrenaline and other stress hormones into the body, causing the nervous system to communicate : DANGER, DANGER…..and the entire body switches into survival mode - muscles tense up and muscle memory forces our posture into a permanent state of shock. The frontal cortex - reasoning, language, understanding brain - switches off and goes into silent and passive mode!

  2. Device 2: Your false identity. The permanent subconscious “video"of a traumatised life - is the foundation of a false identity caused by a series of events in our lives - that literally derails you from BEING who you were created to BE. Think of a car with bad wheel alignment - if your muscle memory pulls your left hip forward due to trauma and stress response - then your entire body will continuously be misaligned, foggy, tired, stressed - and will pull you into wrong directions, thoughts, wrong, actions, wrong motives, noise, distractions and an inability to hear God’s voice. So your role as a man, woman, parent, child, employee, Godly child……will all be based on a “skewed"foundation and any storm will destroy this building/body.

  3. Device 3: Your ability to hear and perceive God’s voice or to get His downloads. There is simply NO Way to hear or perceive The Father when your entire Being is turned towards a manipulated subconscious mindset. There can be no peace when your inner Being is controlled by trauma of the past and as a result fear of the future.

Child: OK, Father - I think I get some of it…..so my body is constantly being manipulated by traumatised thoughts and that “NOISE" makes it impossible for me to hear anything You say?

Father: Yes, my child.

Child: OK, You mentioned the frontal cortex brain - and that it simply switches off during trauma……and you mentioned that the limbic brain scans our environment via our senses (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin) and if it “feels"any kind of danger - it sets off the alarm bells and the frontal cortex switches off again. So there is obviously no hope - because life these days is a constant trauma experience……

Father: I have made a way for you - remember how Jesus fell asleep in the boat, despite the storm outside. The disciples panicked when they saw the storm - in the same way you panic when life becomes stormy - but Jesus is inside of you, resting, waiting for you to ask for His help.

Child: Where inside of me - is Jesus located? 

The Father: Well, my Word says - Jesus is the “Head"of the Body….He does not get stressed in a storm. He wants to “speak"to you, “reason"with you, “guide”you……so which part of your brain would that be?

Child: Mmmhh - the Frontal Cortex…?

Father: Yes, correct 

Child: But Father, you designed my body - you designed the frontal cortex to switch off during trauma? I have no choice in the matter??

Father: My Word says, even though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, you shall fear no evil, You rod and Your staff they comfort me

Child: You are doing it again - using biblical jargon…..please, practical….I want to learn Daddy, I want to overcome, I want to remain peaceful in any storm, I want to stay in Your presence

Father: I need you, my child, to work with Me. I need you to realise that you have a choice during the storm, but to be able to make wise choices, you need to be prepared, trained, and aware of your body’s vulnerable areas.

Child: Father, my entire being is tired and weary - I have no answers anymore and I cannot face the uncertainty in front of me.

Father: I am with you always, until the end of days - My Holy Spirit will instruct you - but you need to train your body to remain calm in any storm. Then your limbic system will not be stimulated, the frontal cortex stays switched on and The Holy Spirit can “reason"with you, ïnstruct”you and move you into a place of safety, of breakthrough, of victory over any challenge that you face.

Child: Father, practical……

Father: My Word says Be still and know that I am God, it also says in repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your “strength"and in the Psalms it says “But I have stilled and quieted my soul”- so the answer lies in your flesh/your soul - which is stimulated daily by a noisy and toxic world. So your responsibility is to start taking care of your body, My vessel, My gift to you. Avoid anything and everything that will stimulate your body and result in noise - simplify your life, get rid of clutter (clothes, jewellery, household goods, skincare products, toys, equipment, paperwork, etc.) avoid excess sugar, excess meat, excess refined carbohydrates, excess caffeine, excess chemical stimulants such a sport drinks, supplements shakes, etc, get more sleep and rest, exercise to heal the body, spend more time in nature, avoid busy and noisy shopping malls, use natural hair and skin products, wear comfortable shoes and clothing, less technology, drink more water, and learn to breathe deeply - let My breath fill you with life, life more abundantly.

As you help you body calm down, as every single cell in your body relaxes - you will notice how stressful situations suddenly become easier to navigate - because your limbic system is being supported, your frontal cortex remains switched on - and the Holy Spirit guides you calmly and shows you the way.

Don’t be overwhelmed - take one step at time - you cannot possibly change everything at once - make time for Me and I will help you prioritise and show you the way to peace. And then We will surely dance through every single storm.