Be You the beginning

My beautiful friend,

Be You Skincare is a reflection of my own personal journey towards peace, rest, authenticity, natural beauty, simplicity and most importantly a sense of purpose. I have always felt compelled to make a difference in the world – to bring a little bit of sunshine into people's lives. Considering that my own life was so broken and seemingly dark, this personal mission was often challenged by circumstances and wrong choices – trying to escape, but inevitably running in the wrong direction.

It was only when I finally heard a voice beckoning me to “Be Still and trust in Me” that I realized that despite my best intentions, my inner storm had to be calmed before I could ever be of any help, inspiration or significance to anyone else. As part of the journey I was drawn to the simplicity of nature – no striving, no stress, no anxiety – only trust, respect, order and somehow an acknowledgement of a force much more powerful and able to provide all that is required to sustain life.

My journey led me to an awakening where I could see and become aware of the clutter in my life, in my relationships, in my home, in my family, in my wardrobe, in my eating habits, my exercise regime, my health and beauty routines and suddenly in my deeper being, my thoughts, my beliefs, my motives, my need to have a life of purpose, my identity.

I had to let go, clean up and seriously simplify. One of my most difficult but ultimately most rewarding challenges was the simplification of my health and beauty routine – little did I know that my external attempt to look presentable and beautiful was a direct reflection of an inner battle of self-rejection and dislike. 

At that moment both time and money suddenly disappeared and I was left wondering how I was going to sustain my masked existence…… His great and glorious awesomeness God instructed me to explore the items in my household as a replacement for multiple expensive and mostly ineffective beauty products that I had accumulated over the years. My skin was extremely sensitive but also oily/combination and my years of teenage sun exposure were starting to show some signs of skin damage.

I started reading about the story of Esther in the bible and how she spent 12 months being perfumed and anointed with heavenly oils in preparation for her encounter with the king. I was captivated and the idea of using skin care oils was birthed. Several months of trials and error and my sensitive skin started to normalize and to glow, the oiliness gradually disappeared and I can now confidently state that I have a healthy, beautiful skin. The use of this oil became so much fun and a part of my daily life as I was being challenged to let go of old beliefs about skin care routines, skin care products, skin conditions, etc. etc. and I recognized many parallels within my belief system about other areas of my life. I started using the oil on my hands, my feet, my body, my hair, in the bath, on my children…even my husband started using the raw unscented product to help alleviate his extremely dehydrated skin condition that had resulted from his passion for outdoor sports.

Be You Skincare oil is not just a 100% natural and pure, multiple use healing and treatment beauty oil, it is a journey of awareness, of getting back to the basics, of taking the time to take care of ourselves, it’s about being still and knowing that He is God and that He has a plan and a purpose for every single one of us, it is about being still enough to perceive the noise, the clutter, the voices, the constant pressure to perform, the expectations of others, the race to survive, the confusion, the constant exhaustion...... the never-ending storm........and choosing to walk away from it – with Him leading the way.

Have the courage to rest for a little while, to give yourself space to breathe, to be healed, to be covered by His love, to listen to His gentle voice as He leads you into your life’s purpose. 

Start by simply BEING You.

With love




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